How to edit DHCP server for Fusion

Crap, I am mixing versions of Fusion down below and it is partly because I do not have a clean install of Fusion on my laptop! I do on the iMac and that is what is telling me I have different systems!

Re: Scripts to manage Fusion network settings is a good place to see the differences.

See Controlling DHCP for VMWare Fusion VMs!

Note: I had to edit

/Library/Application Support/VMware Fusion/networking

and also reboot the MacBook to get this to work.

VMware Fusion Virtual Network Configuration, 27 August 2010 has a different approach.

To actually change the domain-name, you will want to edit vmnet-dhcpd.conf:

KinMage:VMware Fusion thomas$ grep domain-name vmnet-dhcpd.conf
# We set domain-name-servers to make some DHCP clients happy
    option domain-name-servers %hostaddr%;
    option domain-name "";
KinMage:VMware Fusion thomas$ sudo ./vmnet-cli -c
KinMage:VMware Fusion thomas$ sudo ./vmnet-cli --start