Disks from zfs pool not letting system boot

I had put some disks in a zfs pool on another system. When that went away, I eventually added the disks to my son’s old system. And it would not boot.

I had issues with the system back when it was running OpenSolaris circa build 42, so rather than suspecting the system, I was wondered whether it might be an issue with the disk format.

So I pulled the drives and Windows 7 did not recognize them (and by the way, I evidently still have several disks from a zfs pool on my desktop, because they were not recognized either). I initialized them and then put them back into the machine now running Fedora Core 14. And boot!

Now I need to figure out how to make them work as a filesystem. I’m thinking btrfs, but I want to keep the root as is and use the three new drives as a different filesystem.

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