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Quickly halting your Simulate ONTAP™ cluster

Sunday, February 5th, 2012

nsim::> halt -node nsim-0*
(system node halt)

Warning: Are you sure you want to halt the node? {y|n}: y
2 entries were acted on.

Connection to closed.

Adding more memory to Simulate ONTAP™

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Just like anything else, your Simulate ONTAP™ will run faster if you give it more memory. And while you should not decrease this value, you can increase it. Edit this file:

loghyr:nsim-1.vmware thomas$ vi DataONTAP.vmx

to bump it, e.g.,

loghyr:nsim-1.vmware thomas$ diff DataONTAP.vmx ../DataONTAP.vmx | grep memsize
< memsize = "4000" > memsize = "1600"

Note that as you are running a cluster, you will have at least two of these running and your upper limit is the amount of RAM available to your host computer.

NetApp’s Simulate ONTAPâ„¢ is now shipping for 8.1RC2

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

NetApp’s Simulate ONTAP™ is now shipping for the equivalent of Data ONTAP™ 8.1RC2 – the take away here is that you can now test drive pNFS in a simulator.

It requires a NOW account and it can be downloaded here:

Disclaimer – I work for NetApp.